Sunbeam Stand Mixers

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According to user opinions, most Sunbeam stand mixers are suitable for heavy duty use, but have low customer satisfaction ratings.

Cheap and below average

Sunbeam currently offers about 5 different models of stand mixers. They are all considered to be in the low price range, with the majority costing under $100. All of these stand mixers have low-medium wattage motors (under 400w) and 3-4.5 quart bowls.
Sunbeam stand mixers are often highly rated for customer service and overall value, which is not surprising considering their low price. Most users also praise their ability to handle heavy duty tasks. However, these mixers usually receive very low customer satisfaction ratings and are criticized by users for being low quality and unattractive.

Users chose the Sunbeam Heritage Series 4.6-Quart Stand Mixer as the #1 Sunbeam stand mixer. It is equipped with a mixing bowl made of stainless steel. This stand mixer is often said to be easy to operate. The cleaning task is described as pretty easy. However, on the whole, most users are only moderately pleased with this unit and give it mediocre customer satisfaction scores.
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The Sunbeam 3-Quart Hand & Stand Mixer is considered the #2 Sunbeam stand mixer on the market. It comes with a stainless steel bowl. On the whole, most owners are quite pleased with it, and give it high customer satisfaction scores. Users rank this stand mixer high for performance, and it reportedly produces satisfactory results. However, this stand mixer is not the best choice for baking enthusiasts, since it performs mediocrely with dough and batter.
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The Sunbeam 2350 Heritage Stand Mixer White was chosen by users as the #3 Sunbeam stand mixer. This stand mixer is a good option for bakers, since it is able to handle thick batters and dough. Opinions show that you can definitely rely on this unit to last a long time. However, according to users, this stand mixer's 350 watt motor is not very powerful.
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