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Buying appliances on a budget can be tough, and many consumers are under the impression that you need to spend big bucks to get a good product (especially when it comes to large appliances). Well, we already blew that notion out of the water with some great cheap refrigerators, and we're about to do the same with stoves.
Stoves retail for anywhere between $400 and $4000+, and the truth is - the actual differences between the differently-priced products are not huge. Let's bust some myths here:

  • If it's cheap, it's probably crap. Take a look at the best inexpensive stoves listed below. All of these receive exceptionally high cumulative scores and are all said to be very reliable. In fact, all the stoves below made the top 25 list of the Best Stoves on the Market. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

  • Cheap means ugly. Wrong again! If you're really craving the stainless steel look that has become so popular in the last decade, you'll be pleased to hear that many of the budget-friendly models also come in stainless steel. The stainless option may add a little bit to the cost, but it's often an additional $70-$90, if that.

  • You can't get a name brand at a reasonable price. Not true. The top name-brands in the kitchen appliance market, such as GE, Frigidaire and Dandy, offer stoves in a range of prices, including a selection for less than $600.

  • If it a cheap stove it will have fewer features. While this is often true with other large appliances, it's not really the case with stoves. Yes, inexpensive models will typically have 4 burners and not 5. However, about half of the cheaper stoves have the desirable "self-clean" option and sleek smooth-top burners. Some of them even have a convection setting.

What you do need to know:
Gas stoves cost more, so a low budget might limit you to electric options only. This may work well for you though, as gas stoves require installation (an additional cost to consider) and a gas hookup. Also, at this price range, you'll only find free-standing models and no slide-ins.

How we ranked the best cheap stoves

The Top Cheap Stoves were determined following a thorough examination of the collected opinions. Buzzrake considered how frequently each stove is mentioned by users in regard to different factors, both positively and negatively.
#1 rated in inexpensive: Premier 30" White Gas Open Burner Range, scored 95/100 94

1. Premier 30" White Gas Open Burner Range

The Premier 30" White Gas Open Burner Range is ranked the #1 best stove in the low price range. It has a total capacity of 3.9 cubic feet and comes with a pull-out broiler so you can get great grill-like results in the kitchen. This oven's cooktop includes 4 9,100 BTU burners.

Users opinions show that this cheap stove is simple to operate and also easy to clean. As far as style goes, users think that this inexpensive range is rather appealing. This model is rated exceptionally high for value and well above average for performance.

#2 rated in inexpensive: GE 30" White Electric Smoothtop Range, scored 94/100 93

2. GE 30" White Electric Smoothtop Range

The GE 30 White Electric Smoothtop Range is considered the #2 best inexpensive stove. It has a total capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, which allows you to cook multiple dishes all at once and has two oven racks. This cheap GE oven comes with four burners including a 3000-Watt burner for faster water boiling. The dual-element bake (upper and lower) produce even heat and great results.

It has an in-oven broiler that gives you better cooking control when grilling meats. It also has a removable drawer that you can use to store pots and pans.
In terms of usability, this cheap stove is often reported as easy to operate. In terms of looks, this inexpensive range is described as rather appealing. Owners absolutely love this range. In addition, this product receives excellent scores for overall value.

#3 rated in inexpensive: Avanti ER24P3SG 24" Range, scored 92/100 91

3. Avanti ER24P3SG 24" Range

The Avanti ER24P3SG 24" Range is the #3 best low-cost stove. Even though it is a bit more pricey than the rest of the stoves in this list, most owners are delighted with this unit. It comes with a Deluxe see-thru glass oven door and a three 6 inch and one 8 inch coil burners with porcelain reflector bowls. The hot surface indicator allows you to know when the surface is too hot to touch

It features a digital clock that displays the cooking timer, helping you to monitor the cooking time easily. It also comes with a storage drawer to provide you with additional storage space.
This inexpensive model receives excellent marks for overall value. Users consider the stovetop and oven to be entirely fool-proof and score them above average for usability. Users also rate this model exceptionally high for value.

#4 rated in inexpensive: Frigidaire 30 In. Black Freestanding Gas Range, scored 87/100 86

4. Frigidaire 30 In. Black Freestanding Gas Range

Users consider the Frigidaire 30 In. Black Freestanding Gas Range the #4 best low-cost stove. This inexpensive stove comes with a color-coordinated oven door and with a large window to monitor the cooking without opening the oven door. It also comes with a timer and digital controls that are simple and easy to use.
This model features a broiler drawer that is located in a handy pullout drawer under the oven compartment. It also features a Low Simmer Burner that allows you to cook with a very low, consistent heat.
Opinions reveal that the cheap stove performs well and that it usually delivers satisfactory results. In terms of appearance, the majority of users think that this inexpensive stove is rather appealing. Also, most users are happy with this unit.

#5 rated in inexpensive: Danby DR200WGLP 20-Inch Gas Range, scored 87/100 86

5. Danby DR200WGLP 20-Inch Gas Range

Users rate the Danby 20-Inch Gas Range the #5 best cheap stove. This Space-saving gas stove has a total capacity of 2.4 cubic feet and includes four 9,100 BTU and one 13,000 open burners. It features easy to clean, lift-up porcelain cooktop and a front mount push-and-turn safety knobs. It also features a broiler drawer that includes three-piece broiler pan and a spring-loaded hinge that automatically closes the drawer.

Consumers are ranking this inexpensive stove above average for performance. When it comes to looks, the majority of users find this range rather attractive. Owners are quite satisfied with this unit. Also, this cheap stove receives good scores for overall value.