GE Ovens

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GE tops the charts for value, quality and appearance.

The most bang for your buck

Online opinions reveal that GE is one of the most popular appliance brands on the market. Owners reportedly love their kitchen products - their dishwashers and refrigerators in particular. Buzzrake set out to discover whether GE live up to their name when it comes to ovens. The answer was clear-cut: absolutely yes.
Users praise GE ovens for several different factors; opinions show that their strongest points are their high quality materials and their sleek, classic designs. Though none of them are budget-priced (the cheapest models cost around $1000), users report that you will definitely get your money's worth with GE units, especially with the larger, 30" models.
However, take into account that these ovens are considered rather difficult to install. So if you're interested in getting a GE oven, you might want to plan ahead and call a handyman to set it up for you.

Users rate the GE 30" Single Electric Convection Oven the #1 GE oven. This oven has a 5 cubic foot interior, which is larger than an average single oven. It is said to be rather user friendly. When it comes to design, owners find this model quite pretty. All in all, users are pretty happy with the GE 30" Single Electric Convection Oven, and would probably advise others to get it.
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Users rate the GE Profile Series 30" Double Electric Convection Oven (PT9550) the #2 best GE oven on the market. This model has a total of 10 cubic feet of space, which is above the average capacity for double ovens. It is said to be rather user friendly and is described as a quiet unit. As far as style goes, consumers find this model quite attractive.
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The GE 24" Single Gas Wall Oven is ranked #3 among all GE ovens. The total capacity of this product is 2.7 cubic feet, which is smaller than most single ovens. It is said to be rather simple to operate. This product takes 1st place for overall value, which is not surprising considering its relatively low price. When it comes to style, consumers find it extremely appealing.
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