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How can you find the best wall oven? Ask your friends, of course. Buzzrake collected thousands of user opinions from across the web about hundreds of ovens, analyzed them, and found out what users had to say about each product's virtues and faults. The cream of the crop are the models listen below by Electrolux, Maytag and Whirlpool.

The collected opinions revealed what users consider the best ovens to be; it is a combination of several attributes which produce ideal ovens:

  • Design: a wall oven is noticeable in the kitchen and can't be hidden. Users define good looks as the #1 most important quality in a new oven, and discuss appearance in 22% of all opinions.

  • Usability: if it's got complex controls, users aren't happy. Intuitive settings and buttons that are easy to press make a huge difference, users say.

  • Efficiency: 18% of users discuss the oven's performance, whether or not it reaches the desired temperature and how even the interior is heated. While this isn't as prominent a topic as the oven's appearance, users find this to be a crucial factor.

  • Noise level: though ovens aren't typically a very loud appliance, 17% of users discuss this issue. Quieter models score much better overall than noisier ones.

  • Value: as with any product, users want to make sure they're getting their money's worth. Wall ovens aren't cheap: they can cost you anywhere between $900 and $3500. As you'll probably notice, the highest ranked ovens are all cheaper than average.

  • Overall satisfaction: last but not least, is the general sentiment users have towards the product. This includes whether or not users would recommend their oven to a friend and are happy with their purchase.

Buzzrake calculated a cumulative score for each product based on all of the above, to figure out which models are, all-in-all, the best ovens on the market.

Best Single Ovens

#1 rated in best: Whirlpool 27" Single Electric Oven, scored 96/100 96

1. Whirlpool 27" Single Electric Oven

The Whirlpool 27" Single Electric Oven is the #1 best single oven on the market. This oven has a 4.3 cubic foot interior, which is around the average capacity for single ovens. It is described as a quiet unit. Users say that this oven is worth the cost, and it usually receives high ratings for overall value. In terms of appearance, consumers find this oven quite attractive.

#2 rated in best: Maytag 24" Single Gas Oven, scored 95/100 94

2. Maytag 24" Single Gas Oven

The Maytag 24" Single Gas Oven is the #2 best single oven on the market. This oven has a total of 2.7 cubic feet of space, which is below the average capacity for single ovens. It is said to be rather user friendly. It is described as an extremely quiet unit. Owners say that this oven is worth the price, and it usually receives high ratings for overall value.

#3 rated in best: Electrolux 27" Single Electric Oven, scored 93/100 92

3. Electrolux 27" Single Electric Oven

Users rate the Electrolux 27" Single Electric Oven the #3 best single oven. The total capacity of this model is 3.5 cubic feet, which is about the size of any average single oven. Numerous opinions reveal that this product works exceptionally well, and that it consistently delivers outstanding results. In terms of appearance, consumers find this unit quite attractive. On the whole, users are satisfied with the Electrolux 27" Single Electric Oven, and would probably advise their friends to get it.

Gas vs. electric
Not sure how to choose? There are several factors to take into account when buying a new wall oven.

  1. Infrastructure - do you have a gas line available? Is there a natural gas infrastructure in your home area? If not, you'll need to focus on electric ovens, which require a standard wall outlet to operate.
  2. Costs - gas and electric ovens have different operational and installation costs. An electric oven likely won't require professional installation, while a gas oven will. On the other hand, operational costs over time for gas ovens tend to be lower.
  3. Availability - gas ovens are becoming less and less prevalent in the market today, accounting for only 10% of the wall oven market. Furthermore, you'll have difficulty finding anything but 24" models.

Single or double?
Are you an avid baker? Do you like throwing dinner parties for big groups? You should check out our list of the best double ovens. If you can spare the room, you should definitely consider it. Double ovens give you double the flexibility without having to double the price: a double vs. a single model will only add about $600-$900 to the price tag. It's quite a bargain, really.

How much to spend
As you may have already noticed, wall ovens don't come cheap. The cheapest of models cost around $800-$900, and the prices go all the way up to $3,500+. The question is, is it really necessary to spend a lot in order to get a great oven?
With a handful of exceptions, the answer--unfortunately--is yes. The cheapest of ovens, are cheap in more ways than one. You're better off spending a little more and getting a spectacular product, than kicking yourself over the lemon that had a more attractive price tag. You don't have to head up to the highest end of the price range, just somewhere closer to the middle. Interestingly enough, the luxury-priced ovens are rated higher by users for looks and quietness, but have average overall satisfaction ratings.

The best oven brands
There is no question that some brands outshine others. Depending on the kitchen appliance that you are shopping for, some brands might be better than others, but when it comes to ovens - these are the best:

  • Electrolux - you can't go wrong with an Electrolux wall oven. Users praise this brand over and over in their opinions, reporting that its models perform efficiently and are extremely quiet. When it comes to overall customer satisfaction, Electrolux ovens rank 1st.

  • GE - GE models are praised by users as having high value and being very good looking. Users are also very pleased with the impressive quality of parts and materials.

  • Maytag - Maytag are synonymous with durability and value in the oven market. Many of their models retail for around or under $1,000, which is considered very budget-friendly.