Igloo Mini Fridges

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Igloo mini-fridges are not very popular among users. They receive bottom marks for noise level and interior design.

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Igloo specializes in outdoor cooling solutions, such as insulated lunch packs. They also offer a small selection of mini-fridges that vary in capacity, color and size. Contrary to their success in the cooler business, Igloo's mini-fridges are bashed in user opinions. Igloo receives the lowest customer satisfaction ratings among all competing brands. Users complain of poor performance, particularly when it comes to temperature maintenance. Another common complaint is that these fridges are very inconvenient; their interior design is not spacious enough, and they tend to operate very noisily. So if you want a good value, efficient fridge, there are better options on the market. Go with Danby or Magic Chef instead.

Among Igloo mini-fridges, the Igloo 3.2 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator and Freezer comes in first. This model has 3.2 cu. ft. of space, including the freezer compartment. It measures 18" (W) by 17.5" (D) by 31.25" (H). While this compact refrigerator is rated relatively high for overall value and performance, its cumulative scores are quite low.
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The Igloo 3.2 Cu. Ft. 2-Door Refrigerator and Freezer takes 2nd place among Igloo mini-fridges. It has a total capacity (refrigerator + freezer) of 3.2 cu. ft., which is around average for a mini-fridge. The product is 21.1 inches wide and 32.9 inches deep. Except for its decent quality rating, it receives bottom marks by users. It is often criticized for high energy consumption.
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According to user opinions, the Igloo 1.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator is the #3 Igloo fridge. This tiny refrigerator has 1.7 cu. ft. of space, freezer included. It measures 17.51" W x 18.62" D x 19.6" H. This model receives very low cumulative ratings. Users are particularly displeased with its noise level and interior layout.
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