The best Hamilton Beach Microwaves on the market

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When coming to review the Hamilton Beach microwaves, we thought it would be wise to not only look at their technical specs but put more emphasis about the aspects that people are talking about after purchasing and using the Hamilton Beach microwaves. Things like Value-for-money, Reliability, Overall Quality, and more, often don't show in the product manual, but eventually, this is how people measure their satisfaction from Microwaves. With Hamilton Beach microwaves we can see that despite their excellent value scores, these microwaves receive below-average cumulative ratings.

Good Value for your money

Hamilton Beach no longer manufactures microwaves, though there are still several models available for sale online. The microwaves are in several different sized (0.7 cu.ft - 1.3 cu. ft.) and budget-friendly, with an average online price of around $65. The brand's affordable prices earn it an excellent score for overall value. When looking at the other parameters, many users criticize these microwaves in online opinions. We can see an average rating for quality and a bit below average rating for the level of noise it produces. Hamilton Beach microwaves are also rated pretty low when it comes to reliability and performance, but it seems that this brand microwaves suffer from bad opinions, particularly when it comes to style and performance. Overall the Hamilton Beach Microwaves are not a wrong choice to make, but you should remember that you are getting the quality that fits the relatively low price you are paying. The cumulative scores for these products are far below average but it still might fit your needs and budget.

Users rate the Child-Safe Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven the #1 best Hamilton Beach microwave. It is of relatively low power with 700 Watt and features 6 quick-set menu buttons for your convenience. It also has a Childsafe lockout mechanism. These Hamilton Beach microwave dimensions are 17.3x13.4x10.2. Users feel that it is worth the money, and it is rated highly for value. It is rated below average for power. However, opinions reveal that it is a reliable product.
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Users rate the Hamilton Beech .9 cubic foot 900 watt microwave the #2 best Hamilton Beach microwave. These product dimensions are 19.02 in W x 15.6 in D x 11.06, and it comes with a beautiful glossy finish. This Hamilton Beach product also features a defrost option using time or weight. For the safety of children, it is equipt with a Child Safety lock. It is rated around average for power. Consumers find that it is somewhat worth the money, and it receives average value ratings. However, opinions reveal that it is not a reliable product.
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Users rate the Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave the #3 best Hamilton Beach microwave. It is estimated around average for power with 1000 watts and ten power levels for your choice. It also has six quick set menu buttons and weight and time defrost options. As most other Hamilton Beach microwaves, this product includes a Child-safe lockout mechanism. With the 1-year warranty, consumers find that it is well worth the money, and it receives above average value ratings.
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Users rate the Hamilton Beach .7 cubic foot, 700-watt microwave the #4 best Hamilton Beach microwave. This product dimensions are 17.30 x 13.40 x 10.20 Inches, which will fit well in a small kitchen space. It is rated below average for power. People opinions show that it is a pricy item, and it receives below average value-for-money ratings. However, opinions reveal that this Hamilton Beach microwave is a pretty reliable product.
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Users rate the Hamilton Beach 1.3 Cu. Ft. Digital Microwave Oven the #5 best Hamilton Beach microwave. This relatively large microwave comes with a convenience Touchpad controls. The timer is well seen on the led display, and it includes a child safety lock. This Hamilton Beach microwave also comes with six auto cooking menus for popular foods like popcorn, Pizza, Soup, Frozen Dinner, and more. With 1000 watt, this product is rated around average for power. Opinions show that this product reliability is below average.
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Some more interesting information about Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach company was founded by Frederick J. Osius in Racine, Wisconsin, on April 1910. Osius hired Louis Hamilton as the new company's advertising manager and Chester Beach as a mechanic. Osius paid Hamilton and Beach $1000 each for the right to use their names as the company name. Osius had invented and patented most of the products the company mostly sold, but in 1905, Chester Beach had created a high-speed fractional motor which the company used in many of its products.

In 1913, Hamilton and Beach left the company and founded the Wisconsin Electric Company. In 1922 Osius sold Hamilton-Beach to Scovill Manufacturing and moved to live in Miami Beach. The company produces Air Fryers, Blenders, Bread Makers, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Makers, Deep Fryers, Drink Mixers, Egg Cookers, Electric Kettles, Electric knives, Electric Spiralizers, Espresso Machines, Food Processors, Garment Steamers, Hand Blenders, Hand Mixers, Ice Cream Makers, Ice Makers, Indoor Grills, Irons, Juicers, Knife Sharpeners, Multi-Cookers & Pressure Cookers, Grills, Pasta Makers, Pizza Maker, Popcorn Poppers, Rice Cookers & Food Steamers, Roaster Ovens, Skillets And Griddles, Slow Cookers, Stand Mixers, Toaster Ovens, Toasters, Vacuum Sealers & Bags, Waffle Makers and more.

As of 2012, all of Hamilton Beach's appliances are manufactured by subcontractors in China.