Proctor Silex Hand Mixers

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Proctor Silex hand mixers are inexpensive and considered very easy to use. However, they receive bottom marks for reliability.

Good for occasional, light-duty use

Proctor Silex offers 4 models of hand mixers. These models are in fact marginally different versions of the same product; they vary slightly in their wattage levels and design features, such as the "Bowl Rest" or a snap-on case. All Proctor Silex hand mixers cost under $20, making them very inexpensive compared to other brands. Another plus is their high ratings for ease of use. On the downside, they receive low ratings for reliability, power and quality.
The Proctor Silex Easy Mix 5-Speed Hand Mixer is ranked one of the best Proctor Silex hand mixers. This product has 5 speeds and a 100-watt motor. At $12.99, this is a very low-budget mixer. Users find that it is very lightweight and easy to hold. It is also rated very highly for performance and ease of use.
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The #2 highest rated Proctor Silex hand mixer is the Proctor Silex Easy Mix Hand Mixer. This mixer weighs 1.7 lb and has 5 speeds. The MSRP for this product is $12.99 and it has a 125w motor. Opinions show that this mixer rates very highly for performance and speed. Users also find it to be very ergonomic. It falls a little short on reliability.
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