Philips Espresso Machines

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Scores show that users find Phillips espresso machines slightly below average.

Not recommended

Philips, founded in 1891, is currently one of the largest electronics companies in the world. However, its espresso machine division is not doing so stellar. Users report that Philips machines score decently only in easy cleanup and ease of use, with the rest of the scores being in the lower quadrant. In fact, Philips espresso machines currently hold the lowest scores in performance. Based on these findings, we would not recommend Philips espresso machines to anyone. There are numerous other brands and products out there that are simply better.
Users rank the Philips Saeco HD8833/47 Syntia Automatic Espresso Machine the #1 best Philips espresso machine. It comes equipped with a 1400-watt motor. Opinions show that users are somewhat displeased with the espresso machine and wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others. As far as appearances goes, consumers report that the espresso machine is not pleasing. Since espresso makers are often placed on the countertop, this low appearance ranking should be taken into account. Nevertheless, if you run a tight schedule, you will not be content with this espresso machine's brewing speed, as consumers mention that this machine's speed leaves much to be desired.
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Users consider the Philips Saeco HD8327/47 Poemia Top Espresso Machine the #2 best Philips espresso maker. This espresso machine has a 950W motor, has a 33.79-ounce reservoir. Espresso machines can retail for anything between $100 and $3000. This espresso machine is cheaper than most other espresso machines. Accordingly, users report that they are getting the most bang for their buck and it receives good scores for overall value. According to online opinions, the noise level of this espresso machine is a little high. Early birds may possibly not be satisfied with how quiet it is. Nevertheless, the coffee will take a while to brew as owners mention that this machine's speed leaves much to be desired.
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