Espressione Espresso Machines

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Cute machines with average ratings.


Espressione manufactures a series of professional styled coffee and espresso machines, grinders, cup warmers and vending machines that are given a modern and elegant design. The Espressione pump espresso machines range from the semi to fully automatic for complete ease in use. For user convenience, the collection of coffee machines from Espressione is built to accept either coffee pods or loose coffee grounds.

The majority of the Espressione espresso makers use a 15-18 bar pump to ensure that great taste is provided on every occasion and models range in the region of $150 to $225. Users give these small appliances high marks in several areas, including:

  • Ease of use: user agree that the simple control dials and large handles make these espresso machines quite easy to use even for the beginner. The Espressione models are rated in 4th place compared to other models in relation to ease of use.

  • Performance: users mention that these espresso machines give fast and efficient performance when brewing up the coffee. With an average wattage of 1025, these machines are certain to offer a solid performer when preparing the fresh coffee.

The models shown below are the top picks among Espressione's machines.

According to user opinions, the Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine, Red is the #1 best Espressione espresso maker. It comes equipped with a 1050W motor, has a 1-cup brewing capacity and a 24-ounce water reservoir. When it comes to appearance, consumers report that they are pleased. Since espresso makers are often left out on the counter, this model's good appearance score can be a deal-maker. The coffee won’t take long to brew as owners report that this machine brews faster than others. In addition, users are pleased with the espresso machine and would recommend it to others.
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Users rank the Espressione Cafe Minuetto Espresso Maker the #2 best Espressione espresso machine. It is equipped with a 1000-watt motor, has a 37oz reservoir. Espresso machines have a vast price range, and cost anywhere from $100 to $3000. This espresso machine is very inexpensive in comparison to most other espresso machines. Accordingly, owners report that this espresso machine is not necessarily worth its cost and score it around average for overall value. When it comes to looks, consumers report that the espresso machine is not pleasing. Since espresso makers are usually left out on the counter, this model's low appearance ranking can be a deal-breaker. However, if you like your coffee to brew quickly, this espresso machine isn't a good choice as owners report that this machine brews much slower than other espresso machines.
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