The best portable dishwashers: What to expect

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Portable dishwashers are a great option for small households or rental apartments. They are typically smaller than full-sized dishwashers, and are either designed as floor units with wheels or small countertop appliances. They are inexpensive and great for offices or tiny kitchens. You can take the hassle out of hand-washing dishes without having to spend a pretty penny. Portable dishwashers are usually either 18" or 22" wide. There are some full-sized portable units (24") out there, but they are hard to find. You should expect to pay about $325 on average, which is half the cost of a full-sized dishwasher. Portable dishwashers can accommodate 6-8 place settings per cycle and offer as many wash cycles as full-sized dishwashers do. Portable units will often have a heavy duty cycle, but don't expect them to have a sanitizing option. These dishwashers hook up to a faucet using a hose, which cuts out the expensive installation costs and hassle and makes them more suitable for rental units. A combination of user opinions and manufacturer specifications confirm that smaller dishwashers are noisier, and their overall scores are a mixed bag; some are spectacular, while others... Not so much. Check out the users' top picks below: one model is a countertop unit, the other has wheels. These two are praised in user opinions and are sure to meet your expectations.

Top Portable Dishwashers

An in-depth analysis of the collected opinions produced the following rankings for the Top Portable Dishwashers. Buzzrake took into account how frequently users mention the following factors positively or negatively: installation, customer satisfaction, interior design, efficiency, noise level and reliability.
#1 rated in portable: Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher, scored 88/10088

1. Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher

The Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher is ranked #1 among portable dishwashers. This Energy Star rated unit can accommodate 8 place settings and offers 6 wash cycles. It has a decibel rating of 55dBA and features adjustable racks. Users rank this unit #7 among all dishwashers and #1 among all Sunpentown models. Opinions show that it is very easy to use and users are very satisfied with it. It is also the best-rated model of its size.
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#2 rated in portable: EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher, scored 80/10080

2. EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher

The #2 best portable model is the EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher. This 22" unit has room for 6 place settings and offers 6 wash cycles. It has a delay start option and the control panel is located on the front. Users report that this product is very easy to set up and highly reliable. Opinions show that consumers are very pleased with it and find it very convenient.
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