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Fully integrated dishwashers are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This type of dishwasher has all of the controls at the top of the door, completely hidden from sight when the door is closed. Many of these models can be built into the cabinetry, covered by a panel that seamlessly blends the dishwasher with the kitchen decor. The dishwasher is completely unnoticeable this way, as it looks like just another cabinet in the kitchen. Many users opt for this modern look and prefer having the controls hidden away. However, this style has its drawbacks; for one, it is pricey: a fully-integrated model costs about $880 on average, compared to a semi-integrated model that averages around $600. About a third of the fully-integrated models on the market cost over $1000. Secondly, despite their high cost, these dishwashers don't have many added features. They typically offer 6 wash cycle options, just like the majority of other models on the market. They are slightly quieter than average, but that's it - they don't collectively stand out for any other qualities. All-in-all, users like them about as much as they like semi-integrated models. There are certainly some shining stars among fully-integrated dishwashers, and this is no surprise; with brands like LG, Whirlpool and GE, you're sure to find a winner. Look out, though - users aren't fans of Danby and Electrolux.

Top Integrated Dishwashers

The Top Integrated Dishwashers were determined by an in-depth examination of the collected opinions. Buzzrake took into account how frequently users mention the dishwasher's different attributes positively or negatively.
#1 rated in integrated: LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher, scored 97/10096

1. LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Users report that the LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher is the #1 integrated dishwasher on the market - which is not surprising, as it is also the overall best rated dishwasher. This product is Energy Star certified and offers 7 wash programs. With a capacity of 14 place settings, it is slightly above the average dishwasher size. Opinions show that this is the best high-end model, as well as the best LG unit. This dishwasher receives stellar scores for multiple categories, including customer satisfaction and performance.
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#2 rated in integrated: LG 24" Built-in Dishwasher, scored 88/10088

2. LG 24" Built-in Dishwasher

The LG 24" Built-in Dishwasher takes 2nd place among integrated dishwashers and 5th place among all dishwashers. This Energy Star and NSF certified model features 5 wash cycles and a capacity of 14 place settings. It is ranked extremely high for both customer satisfaction and performance. Users are particularly pleased with its drying capabilities.
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#3 rated in integrated: Whirlpool Gold Series 24" Built-In Dishwasher, scored 88/10087

3. Whirlpool Gold Series 24" Built-In Dishwasher

The Whirlpool Gold Series 24" Built-In Dishwasher is ranked #3 among integrated dishwashers. This unit has 6 wash programs, an Energy Star certification and a capacity of 14 place settings. It was chosen by users as the #2 most efficient model and the #3 best Whirlpool model. It receives good ratings for both ease of use and quality.
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