Why ENERGY STAR dishwashers are the way to go

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Dishwashers are major consumers of both electricity and water. A great way to keep your bills in check (as well as make sure that your new appliance has minimal negative impact on the environment) is to buy an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher. ENERGY STAR is a US government-backed program that provides certification to appliances that meet the criteria for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR rated appliances are claimed to be about 10-20% more energy efficient, as well as able to reduce annual energy and water bills by about $40 (compared to a non-certified unit). What's more, these dishwashers apparently save hundreds of dollars in water and electricity bills when compared to hand-washing. So there's really no question here - ENERGY STAR is the way to go. About 85% of dishwashers - and 99% of standard-sized dishwashers - are certified under this program, making it even easier to save some bucks and be more environment-friendly.

Top Energy Star Dishwashers

The Top Energy Star Dishwashers were determined following a in-depth examination of the collected opinions. Buzzrake took into account the frequency and manner in which the dishwasher's different attributes are mentioned by users.
#1 rated in energy star: LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher, scored 97/10096

1. LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The LG 24" Fully Integrated Dishwasher is reportedly the #1 Energy Star certified dishwasher and the #1 best unit on the market. This fully-integrated model features 7 wash cycles and a fairly large capacity of 14 place settings. It is very popular among users, and tops the charts for various categories, including the #1 most efficient and the #1 best LG model. Users often comment on its high quality materials and well-designed interior.

#2 rated in energy star: Amana 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher, scored 89/10088

2. Amana 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher

Based on user opinions, the Amana 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher is the #2 Energy Star model. This dishwasher is equipped with upfront controls and 3 wash programs. It reportedly performs very well and has a great interior design. Users also chose it as the #1 best budget friendly model on the market.

#3 rated in energy star: Bosch 500 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher, scored 89/10088

3. Bosch 500 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher

The #3 best Energy Star qualified dishwasher is the Bosch 500 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher. This unit has a full-console design, 5 wash cycles and a capacity of 16 place settings, which is very large. This dishwasher is considered the #1 best Bosch model. It takes 1st place for several categories, including convenience, design and quiet performance. Opinions show that is very reliable as well.