Frigidaire Dishwashers

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Though some of their models are very highly rated, Frigidaire receives low cumulative scores as a dishwasher brand.

Depends on the model

We're all familiar their highly praised refrigerators, but many people don't know that Frigidaire actually manufacture a wide array of kitchen appliances. They offer over 50 different dishwashers, including portable and built-in, integrated and full console models. All-in-all, Frigidaire receives very low scores by users; they are rated much lower than their competitors for customer satisfaction, performance and convenience. Nonetheless, these dishwasher come in #1 for overall value, which is not surprising as their prices are very affordable: all models cost under $1000 and the majority cost under $600. Some of the models (namely Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher and Frigidaire 24" Built-In Dishwasher) are well liked by users and reportedly do their job very well. So despite their low overall scores, opinions show Frigidaire is not a bad choice, particularly if you're on a tight budget. Check out their Top 3 Dishwashers and see for yourself..

Users chose the Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher as Frigidaire's #1 dishwasher. This is a full-console model that features a delay-start option and an Energy Star certification. It offers 6 wash programs. This dishwasher receives good cumulative scores. Users report that it is very simple to set up and operate.

Opinions show that the Frigidaire 24" Built-In Dishwasher is one of the best Frigidaire dishwashers. It has a fully-integrated control panel, 5 wash cycles and an Energy Star qualification. With a capacity of 14 place settings, it is larger than the average dishwasher. This model receives good marks for performance and quality. Its customer satisfaction ratings are quite high as well.

The #3 Frigidaire dishwasher is the Frigidaire Gallery 24" Built-In Dishwasher. This Energy Star and NSF qualified dishwasher can hold up to 14 place settings. It has an integrated control panel and 7 wash programs. Opinions show that this model is very reliable and performs quietly. However, users report that it is difficult to use and not very convenient.