Bosch Dishwashers

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Bosch dishwashers shine brightly in many categories, and are particularly praised for their quiet performance.

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Bosch is a highly celebrated brand in the home appliance market. Alongside stoves, their dishwashers are perhaps their most popular products. Bosch offers a wide selection of dishwasher models with many style and color options. All of their models are priced between $550 and $2000, which is the medium-to-luxury price range. Users rank Bosch #1 for multiple categories, including convenience and design. When it comes to operating these dishwashers, most users find them very reliable and completely fool-proof. But these dishwashers' #1 selling point is their almost silent performance: the "noisiest" Bosch model has a decibel rating of 50dBA, which is considered quiet. Most models are rated even lower, averaging at around 45dBA. Opinions show that low noise level is crucial to most users, especially in small apartments or households with young children. If this is a major consideration for you too, you should check out the Top 3 Bosch Dishwashers, which are all praised for their quietness.

The Bosch 500 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher comes in 1st among Bosch dishwashers and 3rd among all dishwasher models. This full-console unit offers 5 wash programs, including a heavy duty cycle. It is Energy Star certified and has a large capacity of 16 place settings. This dishwasher tops the charts for both design and convenience. Users also chose it as the #1 quietest dishwasher on the market.
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The Bosch Ascenta 24" Built-In Dishwasher is ranked the #2 Bosch dishwasher, as well as the #4 overall best dishwasher. This Energy Star full-console model can hold up to 14 place settings, which is above the average capacity. It offers 6 different wash cycles. This dishwasher takes 1st place for its drying function and 2nd place for convenience. Users report that it is very easy to install and operate.
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The #3 best-rated Bosch model is the Bosch Ascenta 24" Built-In Dishwasher. This full-console dishwasher is NSF qualified. It features 4 wash cycles and an interior capacity of 14 place settings. This product is exceptionally high-ranked for several categories, including #3 for quietness and #8 for reliability. It is considered pretty easy to operate as well.
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