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The demand for small dishwashers significantly increased in the last decade, mostly among urban dwellers. Whether you have a narrow under-counter nook, are trying to save space or adding some convenience to your outdoor kitchen, you might find these narrower 18-inch dishwashers a great solution. Just as 24 inches is the standard width of full-sized dishwashers, 18 inches is standard for narrow dishwashers. The selection among models this size is not vast, but there are several well-known appliance brands that manufacture them (like Danby and Frigidaire). Here are a few things to know before you go out shopping for one:

  1. Price: These dishwashers are smaller, and therefore less expensive. Most 18-inch models cost below $500.
  2. Capacity: Narrow models have room for 6-8 five-piece place settings.
  3. Style: Expect to compromise style for convenience here. 18-inch models will most often have the controls on the front, not hidden. Also, only about half the models on the market have a stainless-steel finish.
  4. Features: Most 18-inch models offer just as many wash cycle options as full-sized dishwashers do. However, they hardly ever offer a sanitizing cycle option.
  5. Noise: Users report that smaller dishwashers are typically noisier than full-sized ones. The data backs this up, as the top 18-inch models average at around 55 decibels, while the average for full-sized models is 49.
  6. Energy: The majority of 18-inch models are Energy Star certified, just like their full-sized counterparts.

These dishwashers receive mixed reviews by users: while some get spectacular ratings, like the Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher, others are just "meh"... or downright awful. Browse through user scores and opinions to find yourself a sure winner.

Top 18-Inch Dishwashers

Following a thorough examination of the collected opinions, Buzzrake produced the following rankings of the Top 18-Inch Dishwashers. Buzzrake considered how each dishwasher is mentioned by users in regard to various factors.
#1 rated in 18-inch: Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher, scored 88/10088

1. Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher

According to user opinions, the Sunpentown 18" Portable Dishwasher is the #1 best 18" model on the market. This Energy Star rated portable dishwasher can accomodate 8 place settings and offers 6 wash cycles. The controls are on the front of the door, and its operational noise level is 55 decibels. The measurements of this unit are 17.72"W x 25.98"D x 36.02"H. This dishwasher is the #7 overall best dishwasher on the market, and is ranked #1 for ease of use. Users report extremely high levels of satisfaction with this model and are happy with its performance.
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#2 rated in 18-inch: Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher, scored 82/10082

2. Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher

Users rank the Frigidaire 18" Built-In Dishwasher #2 among all 18" dishwashers. This built-in model has 6 wash cycles, including a heavy duty cycle. It can accomodate up to 8 five-piece place settings and is also Energy Star certified. This unit's measurements are 17 5/8"W x 23"D x 34 7/8"H. Opinions show that this dishwasher is very easy to install and use. It is ranked by users as the #1 best Frigidaire dishwasher.
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