DeLonghi Coffee Makers

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While DeLonghi coffee makers are considered very stylish, they are usually rated low for speed and reliability.

Drip coffee isn't their strongest suit

DeLonghi currently sells several types of drip coffee machines for the home. Some of these machines are budget-priced at $80 or less, while other models cost over $150. Most of them come with thermal carafes and programmable settings.
Although DeLonghi coffee makers often receive low ratings, particularly for speed and ease of use, they are often praised by users for their beautiful design. The best rated models receive good overall scores.

Users rank the DeLonghi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker the #1 Delonghi coffee maker. The quality ratings for this coffee machine's parts and materials are high. As far as looks go, users find that this coffee maker is appealing. Also, opinions show that it is a reliable product.
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Users consider the DeLonghi 12-Cup Coffee Maker the #2 best Delonghi coffee maker. Users are pleased with this product and would recommend it to others. Opinions show that it is a reliable product.
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The DeLonghi 14-Cup Coffee Maker is ranked the #2 Delonghi coffee maker on the market. Most consumers are pleased with this coffee machine and would recommend it to others. When it comes to looks, users report that this brewer is appealing. In addition, opinions show that it is very reliable.
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