Farberware Blenders

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Farberware blenders receive high performance ratings, and are recommended for light kitchen tasks.

Not bad

Farberware currently manufacture two models of blenders, which are sold online for approximately $20 and $40. This is considered budget-priced, as the average price for a household blender is around $130. Both of the models come with personal-sized blending containers that double as travel cups. They receive decent cumulative scores, and particularly excel when it comes to overall value.
The Farberware 4-Speed Blender is considered the #1 Farberware blender. This is a countertop blender that features a 48oz container made of glass. The quality ratings for the blender are high. Opinions show that it is reliable. Also, users consider the 800w motor to be powerful, likely because its wattage is higher than average for countertop blenders.
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User opinions indicate that the Farberware 17-Piece Rocket Blender is the #2 Farberware blender on the market. This is a personal blender that comes equipped with a 151.8oz jar. The blender's quality ratings are higher than average. As far as usability goes, users find it to be simple to operate. In addition, this blender shouldn't be a problem to clean, as user opinions show that the jar is not difficult to clean.
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The Farberware Millennium 2-Speed Blender is ranked the #3 best Farberware blender. This is a countertop blender that features a 48oz container. Users report that it performs better than most blenders and that it regularly produces satisfactory results. The blender is of high quality. Also, the cleanup task will not be time consuming, as user opinions show that the carafe does clean up easily.
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