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Users love Samsung vacuums, which rate highest among all brands for quality.

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Samsung, a world renowned manufacturer of appliances and electronics, also produces a line of residential vacuum cleaners. Panasonic currently offers 12 models, ranging in price from $149.99 to $449 (MSRP). There are a selection of both canister and upright models.
Users are big fans of the Samsung vacuums. They find them to be very powerful and of exceptionally high quality, not to mention sufficiently quiet. All these advantages have earned Samsung very high overall scores, placing them much higher above other brands.

Users consider the Samsung MotionSync Bagless Canister Vacuum with Power Brush the #1 best Samsung vacuum. This is a canister unit that has a 0.5-liter dirt container. Operating the vacuum machine is said to take almost no effort. For durability it receives exceptionally high reviews. Also, users are extremely pleased with this vacuum machine and would definitely recommend it to their friends.

Users consider the Samsung Bagless Canister Vacuum, VCC96P0H1G the #2 best Samsung vacuum cleaner. This is a canister vacuum that has a 0.5-liter dirt container. It receives really high evaluations for longevity. Users like this vacuum machine and would recommend it to a friend. However, most users find its operating speed too slow.