Electrolux Vacuums

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Electrolux vacuums have some significant strong points compared to other brands.

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Electrolux is a manufacturer of mostly large home kitchen appliances. They currently sell around 30 models of vacuums, including stick, canister and upright models. These retail online for anywhere between $100 and $999 (MSRP), with an average of around $350. Compared to other brands, Electrolux models tend to be a little taller and lighter.
Users find that Electrolux models are the fastest, when compared to all other brands. They do an excellent job too, and have satisfactorily quiet operation. They fall just below average for value for the money, which may be due to their above-average prices, and users express some concern about quality. Overall, Electrolux offers some pretty solid products with some slight reservations. The #1 best Electrolux model is ranked #4 overall among all vacuums on the market.

Users chose the Electrolux UltraPower Studio Cordless Stick Vacuum with Brushroll Clean 25V Li-Ion, EL3000A as the #1 best Electrolux vacuum. This is an upright unit. Using the unit reportedly takes almost no effort. It receives reasonably high evaluations for durability. Also, consumers believe that its cost definitely does reflect its worth and it is rated very high for overall value.
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Users chose the Electrolux Ergospace Green Canister Vacuum, EL 4101A as the #2 best Electrolux vacuum cleaner. This is a canister vacuum that features a 0.5-L dust container. Consumers find that it is definitely worth the cost. The ratings it receives for overall value are very high consumers are quite satisfied with this unit and would recommend it to a friend. However, when evaluating its absolute suction force, users were only somewhat content.
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The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean Canister Vacuum, EL7063A is rated the #3 best Electrolux vacuum. This is a canister unit that features a 0.5-L dust container. It receives exceptionally high evaluations for longevity. Owners are quite pleased with this vacuum machine and would likely recommend it to a friend. However, this vacuum machine is said to perform slightly below standard,
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