Sunbeam Humidifiers

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Value for the money is this brand's only good score.

Not recommended

Sunbeam, a well-known brand in kitchen and home appliances, currently manufactures a half a dozen humidifier models. The majority of the models retail for $19.99-$44.99, with one whole-house model retailing for an MSRP of $124.99.
These machines are far from user favorites. Users find these models to be below average on almost every front, from performance to ease of use. Their quality ratings, in particular, are alarmingly low. These humidifiers do retail for far below the average humidifier price, though, which is likely the reason they receive decent value score. This isn't really enough to recommend this brand though.

Users rank the Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier, SCM1746-UM the #1 best Sunbeam humidifier. This is a household humidifier. It is reportedly quite easy to use. Users are quite pleased with this humidifier and will recommend it to a friend. However, when it comes to physical structure and its design, online opinions indicate that this humidifier's quality is poor.
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According to users, the Sunbeam Ultrasonic Visible Mist Humidifier, SUL495-UM is the #2 best humidifier by Sunbeam. This is a household humidifier. Noise will probably not be an issue with this unit, as its operation is nearly inaudible, according to most owners. If you require an unit of utmost silence, you will find this unit sufficiently quiet. Owners are quite satisfied with this model and will likely recommend it to a friend. However, it is reportedly not very easy to use.
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