Holmes Humidifiers

Based on 670 opinions

Holmes humidifiers get relevantly acceptable ratings for quality and value, but does particularly bad with quietness.

Quite noisy

Holmes manufactures a series of 12 small to whole-room humidifiers, with MSRPs that range from $49.99 to $199.99. The latest humidifier models come with WeMo® technology to make it possible to manage the device off-sight using a smart phone.

User ratings for the Holmes range of humidifiers are quite acceptable in areas like quality and value, which indicates that consumers are happy with the build and construction. Elsewhere, for issues relating to performance and ease of use the user ratings start to decline, but still above average compared to other humidifiers brands.

One area that is a particular cause for concern relates to quiet operation, which users have rated at the bottom of the pile and therefore not the type of appliance that should be placed in a bedroom or similar area where peace and quiet is needed. Because of the average to low ratings given on this brand of humidifiers, it might be worth continuing the search to see what else is in the market. Below are three humidifiers that get the top ratings from users.

Users chose the Holmes HM2610-TUM Ultrasonic Filter-Free Humidifier as the #1 best humidifier by Holmes. This is a household humidifier that has a 1.5-gallon water tank capacity, which is aproximately average. Noise will probably not be an issue with this humidifier, as most owners describe it as nearly inaudible. Buyers in need of a humidifier of utmost silence, will probably find this model sufficiently quiet. It is said to be quite easy to use. Also, users are very satisfied with this model and will certainly recommend it to a friend.

Users rate the Holmes HM495-UC Ultrasonic Comfort Select Humidifier the #2 best humidifier by Holmes. This is a household humidifier with a 2.8-gallon water tank, which is larger than average. Noise will probably not be a problem with this unit, as its performance is described as whisper-quiet. Buyers in need of an unit of utmost silence, will find this unit sufficiently quiet. Almost no effort has to be made by the user for it to do what it's supposed to. Also, consumers are quite pleased with this model and will likely recommend it to their friends.

The Holmes HWM5850MM-UM Xpress Comfort Warm Mist Humidifier is considered the #3 best Holmes humidifier. This is a household humidifier. With regard to physical structure and its design, user opinions show that this humidifier's quality is quite good. Users find that it is probably worth its cost and its ratings for overall value are high. Also, almost no effort has to be made by the user for it to work.