Bionaire Humidifiers

Based on 205 opinions

Bionaire humidifiers get a satisfactory rating for value, but in other areas the ratings are average to low.

Average ratings

Bionaire manufacturers a series of 4 cool or warm mist humidifiers that have MSRPs that range from $89.99 to $133.99. Each of these models is quite compact in size so these humidifiers are more at home in the small to medium size rooms.

Users give the Bionaire humidifier models a mid-table rating for value, but the ratings from there start to decline in areas like performance, ease of use, and quietness in operation, with these scores quite average overall. One area that gets a definite low mark is quality, and in fact gets the lowest rating of all humidifiers that users rated. This means that consumers aren't pleased with the build and durability of the appliance and don’t believed it is likely to last for the long-term.

Because of the low scores in several key areas, especially related to quality, it might benefit to continue searching for other brands to find a more reliable appliance to transform the dry and damaging air in the home. Here are the models that get most favor from users.

The Bionaire Whole-House Console Humidifier with Extended-Life Filter Included is the #1 best Bionaire humidifier. This is a cool mist model. Using it reportedly takes almost no effort. Users like this model and would recommend it to others. However, noise will be a problem with this model, as owners describing it as way too loud. If you expect a humidifier of utmost silence, you will not find this unit adequate.

According to user opinions, the Bionaire Cool Mist Humidifier is the #2 best Bionaire humidifier. This is a household humidifier. Users are quite pleased with this unit and would recommend it to others. Noise might be a problem with this unit, as its performance is described as a little loud. Parents of young children and small-apartment dwellers may not find this humidifier quiet enough.

Users rank the Bionaire BCM7910-UM1 Digital Cool Mist Humidifier the #3 best humidifier by Bionaire. This is a household humidifier. Consumers say that it is worth the cost and it is rated high for overall value. Noise will be a problem with this unit, since it is described as very noisy by most users. If you expect a model of uttermost silence, you won't find this model sufficiently quiet. However, a good amount of effort has to be made by the user in order to make it do what it's supposed to.