Char-Broil Grills

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The ease of assembly scores rank Char Broil Grills among the top, but that's about it.


Char-Broil offers about a dozen gas and charcoal grills for sale, ranging in price from $200 to $500. While users find their grills easy to put together, they rate around average for performance and below average for all other attributes.
Char-Broil grills rank among the bottom when it comes to post-grilling cleanup, and have below-average customer satisfaction ratings. Despite these ratings, there are several models that score decently overall, and these are the best models offered by this brand.

According to user opinions, the Char-Broil CB940X Charcoal Grill is the #1 best grill by Char-Broil. Assembling it is said to be farily easy. Its customer satisfaction ratings are rather high in comparison to other grills on the market. However, usere feel that they have somewhat sufficient control over the temperature.

Users consider the Char-Broil 35,000 BTU Gas Grill with Side Burner the #2 best grill by Char-Broil. The assembling process is said to be very easy. This grill is extremely user-friendly. However, its customer satisfaction scores are about average compared to other grillers on the market.

According to users, the Char-Broil American Gourmet 600 Series Charcoal Barrel is the #3 best Char-Broil grill. You could probably assemble this model by yourself. When it comes to cleaning, opinions show that it is not a problem to clean. Also, its customer satisfaction ratings are pretty high in comparison to other grillers on the market.