Whirlpool Dryers

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Users love Whirlpool dryers, for both their looks and their performance.

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Whirlpool is a global manufacturer of appliances for the home, laundry room, and kitchen. Whirlpool is based in Michigan, United States. The series of high performance dryers manufactured by Whirlpool includes over 80 models which are split between the electric and gas fuel types. Whirlpool appliances are highly rated by users in a variety of categories, including:

  • Satisfaction: one area that users agree with is that the Whirlpool appliances give great customer satisfaction in several areas, and are rated #1 in this area.

  • Performance: users are more than pleased with Whirpool's performance, drying clothes quickly and efficiently across the board.

  • Appearance: user opinions also show that the stylish looks of the extension range of Whirlpool appliances are highly appreciated. This is the third category that users give this brand the #1 ranking.

  • Value: even though these appliances are high-end models with a variety of state of the art features, they are still within a satisfactory price range. Whirlpool comes joint #2 in the ratings for value, and one of the best placed for offering the high-quality merchandise.

There are a couple areas where these appliances don't seem to give complete satisfaction to users and that relates to the quietness and speed of operation. But the general customer satisfaction in other areas seems to indicate that these dryers are still highly favored overall.

With a variety of high marks from users across the board, the appliances manufactured by Whirlpool are certainly among the top rated in the industry. Below are some of the most popular models according to user opinion.

According to user opinions, the Whirlpool 3.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer is the #2 best Whirlpool dryer. Online opinions show that this dryer performs very well and that it consistently delivers superb results. It is energy-efficient, according to reports. In addition, owners are satisfied with this dryer and would recommend it to a friend.
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Users consider the Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum 7.6 Cu. Ft. Steam Electric Dryer the #3 best Whirlpool dryer. User opinions indicate that this dryer's performance is rather good and that it consistently delivers good results. It uses energy very efficiently according to reports. Also, users are satisfied with this dryer and would recommend it to others.
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