Neutrogena Facial Masks

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Though Neutrogena is a household name for treating breakouts, their masks aren't great.

Masks aren't their strongest product

Neutrogena is a skincare line that produces everything from facial cleansers to make up. They are most commonly known for producing products that assist in clearing up breakouts and blemishes. Currently, the brand offers two different masks, both priced under $8 online. While their products are immensely popular in general, users aren't fans of these masks. Despite their low prices, users don't find them to have any value, and they don't do a great job at treating acne or smoothing the skin. They still manage to rake in a decent customer satisfaction score, but otherwise are completely mediocre.
Users rate the Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Cleanser/Mask the best Neutrogena mask. The container consists of 6 fluid ounces, which is a larger amount than most other facial masks sold on the market. When it comes to assessing the ingredients, users find that this is a product of high quality. Opinions show that users are somewhat displeased with this mask and wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others. Also, when it comes to treating blemishes, users report that this mask doesn't do a satisfactory job.
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