Borghese Facial Masks

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Borghese masks are not cheap, and users don't love them.

Not spectacular

Borghese is a line of makeup, skin and hair care products. They currently offer about half a dozen facial masks for sale, most of which cost around $70. Their prices are generally above the average, not just when it comes to facial care. Despite this fact, users find high value in the products and feel they are worth the cost.
Otherwise, there isn't much positive news about Borghese from the users' point of view. These products are rated below average by users for their smoothing and clarifying qualities, and users are generally less satisfied with them. In short, you can do much better and for a lower price, at that.

The Borghese Fango Brillante Brightening Mud Mask for Face and Body, 17.6 oz. is considered the #1 best mask by Borghese. The packaging size is 6 oz of product, which is bigger than the usual. Users are dissatisfied with this facial mask and wouldn't recommend it to their friends. However, at a market average price of 7.3 dollars per ounce, this product costs less than most other masks. Despite its low price, users feel that it is not at all worth the cost.
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The Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body, 7 oz. is the #2 best Borghese facial mask. When it comes to assessing the ingredients, users find that this product is of low quality. In regards to clearing up pimples and spots, users find that this mask is not great.
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