About Buzzrake

Founded in 2013 by a strong team of data scientists and industry veterans, Buzzrake is a new kind of information and research company that enables consumers to make the best purchase possible, based on the wisdom of the crowd. Our proprietary platform utilizes artificial intelligence, natural language processing and advanced algorithms to turn online opinions into knowledge, providing concrete answers to currently unanswerable questions, like “Who makes the quietest blender?”, “What's the best oven for Baking?” or “What's the most stylish coffee maker available?”

Oftentimes, these most important attributes of a product - its reliability, quality or ease-of-use - can’t be found in official product descriptions, putting shoppers at a disadvantage. But by synthesizing the opinions and general feedback from millions of consumer reviews every day, we're able to uncover insights, provide recommendations and help shoppers make the right choice, every time they shop.

Buzzrake also works alongside publishers and e-tailers to create original, SEO-boosting content for their readers. For smaller publishers, we provide completely novel shopping insights within their specific vertical, and for larger publishers, we provide them the ability to create content at scale, using our proprietary editing tool to partially automate the content creation process. Additionally, we allow publishers of all sizes the option to turn content into commerce, giving them the chance to transform each article into a searchable online store, where visitors never need to leave the publisher's own branded environment to make a purchase.